God may be listening to his wish.

I will remove the labels tagging the above sentences.


My mother is in the kitchen.

He ascribes his poverty to bad luck.

Gregg carved his initials on the large oak tree in front of the school.

They can understand me.

I haven't said you could go.

He came downstairs out of the bedroom for breakfast.

The smell of this flower calls up my childhood.

I don't know when mom is coming home.

Why did they dislike you?

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I'm too tired to deal with this problem right now.

Lea didn't give Those any advice.

I like Japanese girls.

She decorated her room with roses.

Is Keith still in the hospital?

He has collected no fewer than five hundred stamps.

Give my thanks to your son.


We have work for them.

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May I use this bat?

The youth is in love with technology.

Please leave.

I ordered pizza.

I don't have any classical music.

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Don't waste wood. It doesn't grow on trees.

I take it that's unusual.

Have you figured out what started the fire?

Plastic might be there.

I know it is terrible.

I make enough money for the both of us to live comfortably.

Aren't you being a little paranoid?

I'm ruined.

He told his assistant that he would win.

You'd better do what Pierce told you to do.

Come on in. The water's great.


Bring your essay to me this afternoon.


What were Jeffrey's complaints?

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I like to visit my uncle.

I can cook better than I can play tennis.

We can't change history, but we can learn from it.

Do you think you're up to it?

I said it wasn't a very good idea.


Pratapwant is probably the best singer in our class.


I'm not well.


I have never seen anything quite like this.

I think he'll understand this.

Ann and I usually agree on things like this.

With skill and perseverance you can achieve any goal.

He sawed logs for the fireplace.


What I need is more money.

He lost himself quickly in the crowd.

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How can we convince Clarissa that it wasn't his fault?

His wife gave birth to twin boys.

That's what I'm counting on.

Oh, you'll get used to it soon!

It tastes great.

You know what, Roxie, you're right.

It was worse than I thought it would be.

I don't even want you there.

This isn't right.

That's as far as I got.

I'm going to talk to Murray myself.

I have to check my mailbox.


He didn't come. His excuse was that he was sick.

Let's see who does that first.

Much as I like you, I will not marry you.

Howard realized it was time to go.

They are all college students.

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What's the best way to avoid mosquito bites?

Kissing her was a magical, unforgettable moment.

I come from Holland.

How long do you plan to stay here?

I tried to cheer her up, but all she wanted was to be alone.

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Does Rabin know that you're here?

Last year in Nagoya I ate a very delicious dish called "Shoujin Ryouri".

Remember that you always bear my trust.

Ricardo didn't want to go, but Matt made him go.

I am going to fly my kite this afternoon.

Dan didn't even try.

I saw Judy spike Nicolette's drink.


I'm not much of a tennis player.

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Don't rush yourself.


Many roads remain closed.

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Can you tell her to call back?

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He kept standing against a tree.

She told me that she came all the way from Hokkaido to see her brother.

Coffee prices have jumped almost 50% in six months.

Children are easily influenced by advertising.

How do you think it went?


I need some time to think about it.

Edwin walked into the theater.

This is why I don't have a boyfriend.


Spencer will never forget Edwin's kindness.

Do you feel guilty?

I think that North Korea is the only country in the world where not a single native Muslim lives, yet some day, the US will find an Al-Qaida cell or, better than that, a link between the DPRK and Al-Qaida in the name of which US missiles will annihilate this Asian nation.

I walk a lot because it's healthy.

If you want a good seat, you should get there early.

That's what I'd tell Saiid.

We cried banzai at the news that he won the gold medal.

I saw you kissing him.

My elder brother is able to drive.

Lars laughed politely.

I guess you think you're pretty special, don't you?

Who's the author?

Why is everything so difficult?

Are you drunk enough to speak German once again?

We are working for world peace.

Sho put his hand on his pregnant wife's belly.

I quit smoking two years ago.

Is there a place in Europe you want to go to?

Edgar walked back to the cabin.

It is difficult to suddenly put aside a long-standing love.

The council has committed millions of dollars to the scientific research.


I'm Icelandic.


I'm not making him an omelette.

What was she doing when she made that blunder?

Are you busy today?

Nanda asked Nicolette out to dinner.

They don't want you.

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The meeting will be held regardless of the weather.

Are you angry with Anita?

Roger slipped on the ice and hurt his leg.


I want your analysis.

I'm exhausted after that long trip.

If you are a parent, don't allow yourself to set your heart on any particular line of work for your children.


Nobody wants to insult my country.

You're blowing it.

I'm putting the boy to bed.

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You are free to use this room.

If you're going to the supermarket, will you please bring me back some oranges?

He is not a patient but a doctor in this hospital.

Please tell me a ghost story.

I never liked her anyway.


Will you go on foot or by bus?

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You guys have to hurry.

The President had the power to save the men from execution at the stroke of a pen.

They're all waiting.

Ronald wasn't sure who he was supposed to meet.

Merauke is the easternmost city in Indonesia.

Everyone's up.

Gregor didn't get on the bus.


What would we do without Kristin?


I'm the same height as he is.

I haven't eaten dairy products for a while.

That's news to me.

She excused herself for coming late.

I don't know what you're getting at here.

Rye, wheat, and barley are cereals.

Speak louder. Your grandfather's hearing is not what it used to be.

And now we have a problem.

Let's toss up for it.

Mom alone can make this cake.

Giovanni couldn't help him.

I'll get her to help you.

Are you the one who caused the accident?

Tolerant didn't go to class.

We have the same group of friends.


He doesn't know even the proper way of greeting people.

Who's missing from this photo?

I cringed when I heard that she had gone to the same bar again.

Her puppy is clean.

I had completely forgotten pay the rent.


They're only $50 with two cans of shoe polish free of charge.

You must be a very violent guy.

We didn't get much done today, did we?