Let's take small steps.

"Am I going to die?" "No, you are going to rest."

Tor's recently started a raw vegan diet, and regularly gets on his soapbox to tell people how great it is.

Shane removed his helmet.

How many rackets do you have?

I snapped the thread on my canine.

I need to speak to them now.

Should you really be doing that?


The report released to the public was heavily redacted.

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Now lie down.

What'll Ariel do when he gets to Boston?

You can speak roughly forty different languages.

He realized his dream of becoming an artist.

They grew closer.

A good book can completely absorb your attention, to the extent that you forget your surroundings and even your existence.

Tran always tries to do what he thinks is right.

A stranger spoke to me on the crowded bus.

Now's not a good time.

Spock swims very fast.

I can't believe no one heard that.

We don't get along very well.

The thief got away with the money.

We've got a mechanical problem.

There's an ant in the hall.

He went fishing instead of playing tennis.

We're not amused.


I want to be with you.

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Rathnakumar plans to major in biology.

I was born on January 22, 1933.

To start with, I must thank you for your help.

A double espresso for here.

I would like to be there in good time.


From personal experience, I know that any encounter with him will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Jerome isn't much of a poet.

Jerrie is not a girl anymore.

Greetings from Brazil!

They need to answer the question.

If you had half a brain you'd be dangerous!

Johnny and Kristin even always wear the same color clothes.

We need some more time.

I did what I had to do, and if I had to do it again, I would...

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Sorry, but he is out now.

What are we going to do today?

There was some fifties music playing on the radio.

We have too much debt.

Stop. You're hurting me.


Rayan never took Andrea seriously.

You told me not to buy that, but I bought it anyway.

I've always wanted to meet her.


He knows many people.


Bertrand didn't really expect Natraj to answer his question.

He set up the school.

I think that he is right.

I punished her.

I'm sure that he is clever.

January is usually the coldest month.

Who tried to kill her?

Death comes to all men.

There can be only one explanation for it.

That was too much.

We were finally able to settle the matter.

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What do you want to do next weekend?


I always put off doing my homework and get into trouble.


This is the hospital where I was born.

English is the language that dwells in my heart.

What is your favourite word?

I will willingly go away with thee, but I do not know how to get down. Bring with thee a skein of silk every time that thou comest, and I will weave a ladder with it, and when that is ready I will descend, and thou wilt take me on thy horse.

I can't do this for much longer.

Can you help me find it?

He has a habit of sucking his pencil.

I told him which one I like.

We are just in time for the last train.

She isn't picky.

I discussed the problem with my friends.

Do you really like this kind of food?

The fridge is not empty, unless the repairman took the last beer.

I'm killing myself to meet the deadline.

This storm is not dangerous. You don't need to worry.

"Look at me," shouted Echo, "Look at me, Mother, I'm flying!"

Even smart people sometimes do stupid things.

Do you really think so?

A diagonal matrix is positive semidefinite if and only if all of its elements are nonnegative.


Something isn't right here.


Olof is timid.

I did this for my son.

When can I see him?


What song is she playing?

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I'm not going to pass out.

She hinted that she might study abroad.

A cat is not a person!


Say "aah."

There's no room for excuses when it comes to your negligence, is there?

The spectators were moved by her graceful performance.


I didn't want to leave before the work was completed.

At first they rejected the proposal, but a clergyman urged them to accept.

I know it wasn't her.

I'm planning to disguise myself as a doctor.

He says I speak too fast, but this is how we speak Portuguese.

What place on Earth coulde be better than the place your people came from?

They are all away on holiday this week.

Jeannie is really great. She cooked a wonderful meal for me and even washed the dishes herself.

Are you proposing, knowing that this won't be my first marriage?


For most of the past 10,000 years, global average temperature has remained relatively stable and low compared to earlier hothouse conditions in our planet's history.


Harmon didn't tell anyone what he was about to do.

Everyone does what he can.

Andreas stopped working.


It will help you pull together the scattered fragments of your memories.

Why is my buddy an idiot?

Why can't we just leave right now?

You could've written.

Interest in German is growing, particularly in China, India and Brazil.

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She was so beautiful that the merchant's son could not help kneeling down to kiss her hand.

The red lines on the map represent railways.

It appears that she was lying.

I agree with Henry 100% on this.

The runner-up was given an honorable mention.

We did have a lot of fun, didn't we?

I can never feel at ease among strangers.

Learning to read well is of primary importance.

I can't believe you thought Malus was cute.


We'll make camp near the lake.

Shakil is being supportive.

Brent doesn't deserve this.

The water pipes froze and then burst.

Today, Srivatsan stayed late after class.

Of course you understand.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in exams.

Bogdan said he would be there tomorrow.

I don't like what you said about Spudboy.

The police force launched a multimedia campaign and community outreach program to facilitate the recruitment of applicants from minority communities, so that the resultant force would better reflect the ethnic and cultural makeup of the population it serves.

We enjoyed a long trip across the Pacific.

Vassos raised the crowbar intending to smash his attacker's head.

"What's your name?" I asked.

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Any student who wishes to review his grades may make an appointment with the college dean.

Call him this evening.

James says he's really sorry.

She met my feeble joke with a blank stare.

Something extraordinary happened.

Is it cold in Germany?

If you heard her speaking English, you would never guess that she wasn't a native speaker.

As far as I know, he's a kind man.

Po closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

The house gave no sign of life.

It could be very costly.


They presented a laundry list of arguments about how he is trying to fool consumers.


We're completely lost.

The number of stars in the sky is infinite.

Ginny, you've disappointed me.


They assembled the chairs in neat rows.

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It's just way too dangerous.

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Kamel called us.

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Are your parents in now?

I thought you wanted to watch that movie.

No laughed to hear an American right-wing activist tell a journalist that she wouldn't support three politicians in the election. She said that one was satanic and the second a sellout, while she really didn't like the third fellow.

Miriamne doesn't understand what you expect him to do.

Don't forget to ask the seller if the jumper can be put in with the washing.

The boy spends hours drawing superhero comics.

I admired him.

The use of non-standard English does not help to promote English in international communications; well, we can always fall back on Esperanto.

And to those who think they have defeated me, I reply with my victory.

I suppose I'd do the same thing if I were you.

Ji went over and sat down next to Shyam.

Traffic was blocked by a landslide.

The orange didn't taste either sweet or sour.

Lowell didn't have to yell at me.

The station is a ten minute drive from here.

If there's anything I can do to help, let me know.

Gunnar's arm is in a sling.

We all deserve a chance.

It's freezing cold in this country.