I cannot accept an excuse like that.

I was chosen for that.


They ran away from school.

He is one of the business leaders in Japan.

I will do anything for him.

I don't have to explain myself.

She has great charm.

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We attribute his success more to hard work than to genius.

He came a little earlier than he used to.

It can't be helped.

Thank you for meeting me.

I offered Mott a beer, but he said he didn't want one.


I'm not afraid of you.

Ariel has gone below.

What do you mean when you say ruched?


Dorian took a sip of brandy.

I graduated from Kyoto University.

He was puzzled at the question.

And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?

The prisoners fled from the concentration camp.


I would rather be poor than be rich by taking advantage of others.

I have much work today.

Did Stanly tell you where to park?

You should use the paper bags again and again.

Marie opened the windows.

I wonder what Donald will say.

Sho entered the room without knocking.

He is also credited with banishing all the snakes from Ireland, and it is to this accomplishment that I would like to share this allegory and join with St. Patrick in banishing the snakes from all of Babylon, everywhere.

She comes home at about six as a rule.

Part was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

He said his father was an architect and that he wanted to be one too.

Do you want to have breakfast with me?

This is the same room we met in last time.

European and Brazilian Portuguese sound very different.

That's what it looks like.


I can't just let him kill me.

We'll catch Perry.

The rescue worker went into the disaster zone with a helicopter to save people.

This river is 500 miles in length.

I just started today.

Brian will fight it.

Eddy looks like he's having a bad day.

I am not sure whether I will be able to come with you.

Rogue looked a little disappointed.


The toddler cried.


How many sit-ups should I do a day?

Don't give me that look.

Russ wants to return to Boston.

I am laughing so that you will be happy.

I'll never ask you for anything else my whole life.

He bowed his head.

Marci pointed to the sign.

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What's your favourite fast-food restaurant?

If the torque is too high, the shaft might break. That's why we are using a shear splint as a torque limiter.

I'm buying my sister a new hat.


Did you notice him leave the house?


His country is censored the world over, so that outsiders would not see the industrial pollution and the huge sterile apartment blocks therein.

Why are thoughts so hard to describe.

You'd better call him up.


For someone who has an idea, even the kitchen table is enough.


The results of the survey will be announced in due course.

You seemed so busy just a few hours ago.

Sandy was falsely accused.

Wait just a little bit, will be done immediately!

Do it right now.

Take the road on the right.

Earnie doesn't intend to give up.


More and more people arrived at the scene of the tragedy.

Don't worry. I'll take care of Socorrito.

I sat among them.

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No one can wear a mask for very long.

Could it happen today?

Dick jumped out of the helicopter.

Christophe slung his bag over his shoulder.

Fletcher has a weakness for pretty girls.

They needed space.

Leigh placed most of the blame on himself.

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Everybody knows I don't like Henry.


Zen priests beg for alms near Shinjuku station.

Kristen certainly is aware of what happened here yesterday.

If it rains tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.

She said that she saw a suspicious man.

I am tired of the day-to-day routine of life.

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My letters haven't been sent yet.

Allen likes me the most.

I left my briefcase in the bus.

I teach geography.

I really need some advice from you.

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How long did this take?


Robert died last night.


I wouldn't want to do that.

Let me show you many things which will be novel to you.

I went to school with him.

Won't you come and see me next week?

Raphael, what would anybody be looking for you for?

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'Now you must have no more kisses!' said she, 'else I should kiss thee to death.'

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I hope Rafik will get well soon.


What is it that you saw exactly?

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What did it turn out to be?


He was late because of the snow.

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We could sell that.

Every great writer seems to have been interested in English.

The wrestler had his right leg broken in a bout.

We get nothing so cheaply as we want.

I'm too tired to eat.

Locusts came in big swarms.

For several entries, there are direct phone numbers.


Either you are teasing me or you are making fun of me.


The legend says that the day she died, an eclipse darkened the skies.

I love him who loves me, and hate him who hates me.

She called the kitten "Jaguar".


Japan's competitiveness in camera making is unchallenged.

After your death you will be what you were before your birth.

Don't deny it.

Vistlik was thirsty and asked for some water.

This isn't a new car.


You can trust him to keep his word.

How are you today, Douglas?

I want to see him in my office.


I've always liked you, Jan.

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Can you see without your glasses?

Kevan and Carisa were held as hostages for three months.

The rocks on this beach remind me of those summer days when Laura and I played in the sand until nightfall.


I quit my job two days ago.

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Won't you have some coffee?

You chose this job yourself, right?

I kind of doubt that that actually happened.


You can adjust the color on the TV by turning this knob.


Randolph has committed suicide.

Not now, please wait a bit.

He had never kissed a girl before.


They believe in a life after death.

I want a new smartphone!

The poor have sometimes objected to being governed badly; the rich have always objected to being governed at all.


Casper says he wants to buy a new car.

I am going to learn to swim over the holiday.

We have to get rid of him.

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Johnnie can't do just one thing at a time.

I didn't greet you because I mistook you for somebody else.

I couldn't see him when I went out. I thought he should have gone.

Darryl brought Tal back to Boston.

We'll try to answer all those questions later.

Jean grew up near Boston.

I'm planning my next vacation. Maybe I'll go to Disneyland with my family and friends. How much should I save for it?


Are you sure Lynnette was at school today?

Dan was sent to a maximum security facility in Florida.

What am I supposed to say?

Srikanth said he had to be with his family on Christmas.

They saw an authoriy in him.

His mother didn't teach him anything.

How did Alexis's umbrella get here?

Where did you meet your boyfriend?

How will you get away?

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Marco finally persuaded Judy with these words.

I need you to find them.

We live on a farm near the village.

Randolph would love it.

Both young and old people desire slim figures.